Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flat Albert does Mexico

After looking forward for some time to finally meeting the great Mr. Flat Albert, Kate’s family got nervous as their departure date approached and there was still no word! Luckily he showed up just in time to fly to Mexico for cousin Emilie’s wedding. After arriving in Cancun, eagle-eyed Al was the first to spot the sign for the wedding party shuttle:

It was taking a while to gather everyone, so Al suggested visiting the airport’s Welcome Bar.

Nothing says “bienvenido” like an ice-cold margarita.

Next came a 3 hour shuttle to the coast, then another hour boat ride out to their little island paradise. Everyone appreciated the prevalence of golf carts (no cars are allowed on the island), one of which buzzed them through the little town to the beach on the other side. Arriving at their hotel “Casa las Tortugas” the group was delighted by its charm! Al especially took to the red porch hammocks, wasting no time before breaking one in.

Al, getting into the swing of things.

At one particularly festive lunch, their pal Al sampled some local beer.

Al, while he was still upright.

Unfortunately for him and everyone else, our buddy had “uno mas!” too many and was reminded why alcohol was not his drug of choice. While Kate’s beautiful cousin Amanda was stooped over the toilet, holding back Al’s wispy white hair as he put himself at ease, she was heard to grumble: “Know your limits, stupid!”

In fact, Flat Al was still feeling so poorly the next day he missed the main event, which he would have enjoyed greatly since this was by no means a conventional wedding ceremony. Emilie and Rowan included traditions from Christian, Irish, Native American, Jewish, and West African faiths… there was even a huppah!

Fortunately, Al was able to see some pictures of which he highly approved:

Maybe if Mileva had been this attractive we would have made it!

At the goodbye breakfast he wished the happy couple well, then turned and shook his head smiling. Love is one of life’s mysteries for which he never found the formula.