Sunday, May 20, 2007

the journey begins!

Before Flat begins his year traveling around the world, he made his inaugural outing to UVA's graduation (kind of like the game of Life where you go to college before you get to have all your adventures).
Flat spent the early part of the morning in economy class (aka in Victoria's purse), getting smuggled into the ceremony.

But soon he was feeling more adventurous, exploring Mr. Jefferson's columns...

and even posing with two distinguished graduates!

Al watched patiently as those amateur UVA students fumbled their way through lining up for the procession (it took them nearly 90 minutes!)

Finally after hours and hours of waiting in the hot sun, Al made it to the actual degree conferral ceremony, where he received honorary degrees in everything ("psh, like I need them" he remarked).

Where is Flat Albert off to next? Law school?? Med school?? Peace Corps??

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