Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer fun in the sun

After Al's adventure in the dark jungle, he decided to take it easy and catch up with some friends at a party in Gaby's backyard. Things started a little seriously, with Paul and Al discussing the Grand Unification Theory.

It's unclear whether they came to any great conclusions, but we did find out that Roy really adores Al and wants Al to like him so much, that he tried to be a little more like him... Everyone got a little embarrassed, because no one wanted to tell Roy that they could tell his cigarette was made out of chocolate.

The awkwardness soon passed, though, and the fun really started when Gaby and Kate decided to try to get Al drunk.

Al finished his own beer, then tried to have some of Paul and Kate's, too.

Then Kate tried to take advantage of poor Al. To be honest, he didn't mind too much ;)

All that alcohol went straight to Al's head, and he got a little inappropriate, telling Alina a dirty joke that involved the theory of relativity and Marilyn Monroe's underwear.

Everyone was having a great time, but when alcohol starts flowing, things can get a little crazy, and there were a few close calls...

It was almost "Death by Salsa." Al decided he needed to step back and take a little breather.

He really liked Gaby's brand new patio furniture that she had just bought from Target.

The next morning, Roy and Dave enjoyed a lovely breakfast outdoors.

They had hoped that Al would join them for breakfast. Unfortunately, he had a little too much the night before, and slept well past noon. I asked him what his next stop was. He said that he was going to see Nell in Georgia, but said he might make a stop first. Until next time :)

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