Wednesday, September 26, 2007

HabiFlat Al

Wanting to put poverty housing on his heart and mind, Flat Al arrived in Americus, Georgia. Home to civil rights era flare-ups, the Pecan Festival, the barbershop where Jimmy Carter gets his hair cut, and Nell. This is his tour of Habitat for Humanity International's Global Village and Discovery Center.It all started with some hypothetical thinking. Al's answer to this question: "It would be lame, and someone should do something about it." Way to think like Millard Fuller, (founder of HFH), Flat Al.Look like the 3rd world yet? Shouldn't. 1 in 6 children in the world's richest countries grows up in a house like this. So what's being done around the world?
"Viva simple, decent and affordable!" Mexico kicks off a tour of houses that are build according to the culture of the region with local materials and homeowner "sweat equity," hours of work that are put in to accompany no- interest mortgage payments for their new homes.
Papua's Got a Brand New House. Here, houses are built on stilts according to local custom. Building this way also helps prevent monsoon rains from wiping out the house.

Next came the Sri Lanka house. Here, Flat Al took a gander at cards that children wrote to Habitat for Humanity thanking the organization for helping rebuild their homes after the tsunami. It was here that Flat Al also established that his body is in fact "Buddhalicious"...
...but he's not Ghana let it go to his head. "I really Haiti poverty housing." Because of the climate, Habitat for Humanity homes in Haiti feature a special type of block that allows air to circulate.
Fresh out of puns, Flat Al takes in the scenery. Consulting with Nell Pittman, Project Coordinator for the Women Build program, Flat Al asserted his love for the ladies and all they do to promote transformational and sustainable development.

Feeling accomplished, Flat Al wipes his brow and reflects on a day advocating on behalf of those in need of decent shelter.

**For more coverage of the Global Village and Discovery Center, check out Stephen Colbert's report for the Daily Show:


Alina Harway said...

That is my favorite post so far. And that's saying a lot.

Damn. Gotta love those puns.

benjoshua said...

I have been to the Discovery Village! I was flat impressed! What is even more amazing are the people who were a part of starting this organization, Millard & Linda Fuller! Read about their love story, becoming millionaries and giving all their money away, their adventures in Africa, the growth of Habitat for Humanity, then how they were both fired and started another housing ministry! Almost unbelievable! It's all in a recent book, The House That Love Built by Bettie Youngs. On sale now!

Paul said...

Nell you so funny Uganda make me cry.


PS: Kenya believe I brought back that old joke?!