Thursday, March 13, 2008

Al Volunteers for Peace Corps Albania

*The views expressed herein are mine and are not necessarily those of the Peace Corps or the U.S. Government*

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After visiting Istanbul for the holidays, Al returned to a quieter life in Albania to start his two month service as a Peace Corps volunteer. Before heading back to work though, he traveled to the mountainous Southeastern part of the country in Erseka to check out some isolated villages. Brrrrrr, its as cold as it looks!

Al marvels at the village's stone streets and white-washed houses.

In the middle of January, Al took another trip to Kruja, a tourist city in the North, to attend a training with all Peace Corps volunteers. Kruja is set in the mountains, has great views of the Adriatic Sea, and was home to Skanderbeg, Albania's national hero.

While visiting Kruja, Al goes to an Albanian folk museum to learn about life back in the day for Albanians. He starts by trying on a costume popullore. Had Al lived in Albania 200 years ago, he would be wearing this-

Before saying goodbye to Kruja and returning to Levan, Fier, Al checks out the sunset over the Adriatic from the Mountians.

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