Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Albert and the Intern Go Game

Today was a big day for Albert (and Erika). All the Google interns got a break from work to participate in a huge mixer: The Go Game. ( ) For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's a huge scavenger hunt that takes place in San Francisco. Designed as a team building activity, you'd think it'd be boring, but it was totally cool.

Since the game started at 11AM in SF, instead of waking up at 5:50 AM to drive down to Mountain View and drive back up to SF, Albert and I slept in a bit and then took the BART to the City. We arrived at the meeting place a little early, so we took some pictures:

Another pier with a funny old ship. (Contrary to how it looks, the guy in the orange jumpsuit in the background is not a convict doing community service but is actually one of the organizers of the Go Game.

Across the way: the Ghirardelli restaurant (SF is home to the Ghirardelli chocolates)...Yummmm!!

Once everyone arrived, we were randomly put into teams. This was ours:

With over 300 interns, there were about 40 teams of 7 or 8. Each team got a cellphone (to receive our missions/questions/riddles and text our answers) and a camera (to take stills and video with). Once the whistle blew, all the teams scattered to find our next location. Sometimes we had to go to a place and find a person to complete an activity: Ex. We had to find a "spy" and figure out the combination on their suitcase by unscrambling the code from a set of Scrabble letters. Another time we had to find a girl that was crying and find out the name of the guy that injured her (she was a jilted bride and we had to coax the groom's name out of her). Or find a "military" guy and do his boot camp -- basically we had to follow his orders and do retarded jumping jacks down the street, etc. For other missions, we had to solve riddles or answer questions. And for others we had to make skits or take pictures. For one we had to act out a historic event but express it as a dance. My team did "The Dinosaur's Extinction." There were tons of really creative missions that kept us running around the city. Needless to say, Albert only popped his head out of my purse occasionally. After the game ended, we all went back to Google to see everyone else's videos and pictures.

It was a great day, and Albert and I went home at the end of it quite tuckered out.

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