Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jam Packed Week

In the past couple days, super cool things have happened at Google. On Friday Aug 10th, the author of the PhD Comics, Jorge Cham, gave a talk at Google. If you haven't read his comic, check it out:
It's a web comic about graduate students. It's a sad sort of way. Yeah, that's pretty much what my life will be like for the next 5 years...

Then on Monday, Albert was around when Wyclef Jean came to Google. Wyclef sang some songs, did some free-styling, and even challenged one of the Google employees to a push-up contest. Check these links out:

The next day (Tuesday), Albert attended the VP's Engineering summer picnic. It was awesome. There was more yummy food, a rock climbing wall, caricature artists, henna tattoo artists (Erika got a pretty flower on her shoulder), and an Iron Man maze (it's like a moon bounce/gauntlet that you race someone in). Oh yeah, and there was Human Foosball. No, it's not the same as soccer. You actually get a harness and are stuck to a bar... :) Super cool.

Then on Wednesday, we had the End of the Summer Intern Boat Cruise. We looped around the Bay, passing the Bay Bridge and going under the Golden Gate bridge.

I hung around up top for a while. (Albert feared for his life so he stayed in my pocket book where it wasn't so windy.)

(Me and my Google host, Nate.)
(Me after I stole Nate's hat :)

Soon it got dark, so I went inside the boat and hit the dance floor.

(Dancing with the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Google, Alan Eustace :D He's sooooo cool.)

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