Sunday, August 26, 2007

Albert Tours Erika's Apartment

It's almost time for Al to fly off to his next destination. But wait, he never got a tour of Erika's new apartment! An awesome 3 min. walk from the Computer Science building (that's about 3% of the time it takes to get to Google), Erika's apartment sits on a hill on the nice side of Berkeley's campus. Here's the gorgeous view from the balcony (when it's not foggy you can see the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge):

The apartment as a whole is equally nice, but right now, many of the rooms are slightly messy (boys....), so you'll only get to see some things (basically the dining room and bedroom)
The dining room:

Note the Roomba on the floor. This self propelled vaccuum cleaner is a modern day miracle...although it did try to run Albert down a few times...

And last but not least, my room:

It's the night before my first day as a graduate student, so I'm off to catch some ZZZzzzz...
(As you can see, Albert already got comfy on my bed.)

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