Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Vienna Teng and Barry Bonds... And Albert

Today Albert, Erika, Erika's two roommates Henry and George, and Michael, went to see a free concert in Palo Alto (where Stanford is) given by Vienna Teng. Her music is really good. You should check it out.

(That's her in the far back. She's wayyyy smaller than Albert.)

Coincidently that same day, Erika's host at Google, Nate, went to see the SF Giants vs. San Diego Padres baseball game in the city. If you recall, that's the game that SF player Barry Bonds broke the homerun record. Not only that, Nate was two rows from where the ball landed -- which then proceeded to roll back to his row. Even better, you can see him on almost all clips of the homerun that were aired that night. For a good video, check this out:
www.ithacahasgorges.com . That's him in the red box. Definitely click on the comments and look at some of the videos. You can see his friend getting the beer hit out of her hand and then seeing his other friend getting beer poured on him...Teehee.

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Nell said...

Vienna supports Habitat for Humanity by building at sites located on her tour route.